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Block J Award

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The Block J Award is a distinguished award 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students may earn at Jefferson Elementary. Block J is earned at the end of each semester. The criteria for this award will reflect an involved, well-rounded and positive leader on our campus. 


The school plays an important role in preparing children to lead successful and happy lives. Beyond teaching skills and imparting knowledge, the school provides a wide range of experiences for children and a framework within which their attitudes toward themselves and their environment can take shape.. Students who assume a variety of responsibilities will be more apt to develop poise, self-confidence, a sense of personal responsibility, and a wide range of skills that are essential ingredients in exercising freedom of choice and decision-making as an adult. 


This award is designed to recognize well rounded individuals who exemplify the qualities that Jefferson hopes to foster in all of its students, namely: (1) the desire for self-motivated students., (2) dedication and commitment towards reaching goals, (3) concern for and service to others, and (4) the willingness to be a positive role model. 


It is our hope that all our students will actively pursue this award, making it a part of their planning for their school experience. Whether or not the student receives this award, striving for it will enrich and enhance his or her school educational foundation. It is not necessary for a student to participate in every activity in order to achieve this award. There are many avenues one may take to achieve the Block J award. This is a blueprint for parents and students to use in planning, encouraging and setting goals in school activities and programs. Planning, responsibility, and commitment are the key factors in earning this award, not necessarily ability and talent.

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