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Back to School- Frequently Asked Questions

   Here are some of the most asked questions from parents and our community:
Q: When will I find out who is my child’s teacher?

A: Expect an email directly from your child's teacher by Friday, August 14th from 3 pm to 4 pm personally welcoming your child and you to the school year.


Q: What will August 17th, the first day of school, look like for my child?
 A: Due to the Governor's directive, Jefferson will be closed to all on-campus learning until our county's COVID infection rate decreases. All students will begin the year with 
online virtual instruction. Teachers will be communicating with their instructions for the first day of school by Friday, August 14th. *See the attached bell schedule for Jefferson’s online learning schedule. Jefferson Virtual Daily Schedule

Q: On the first day of school will the teachers just start teaching on Zoom the first thing in the morning?
 A: Students learn best when they feel safe and have a relationship with their teacher. At Jefferson we believe that positive relationships are a must with students. Instruction will begin on the first day of school, but just like every school year, substantial time is spent during the first two weeks on students getting to know their teacher, their classmates, and navigating technology as we gradually increase the academic portion. It will also be a time to set expectations, procedures, and rules to make sure all students are safe, comfortable, and ready for learning. 

Q: I signed my child up for Traditional Learning, what does that mean?
A: When the Governor lifts his closure of Fresno County schools and Clovis Unified has return to campus plans in place, Traditional students will return to face to face on-campus learning. Safety precautions will be in place for students and employees.
 Q: I signed up my child for Scheduled Online Learning, what does that mean?
 A: Your child will be on a school-like schedule 8:15 am to 3:15 pm with a live online Jefferson teacher, just like how Traditional Learning students we will start the school year.
 Q: What if I want to change at a later date?
 A: There will be opportunities for parents to change their child's learning program at each quarter and when the Governor/CUSD reopens the schools.
 Q: From March to June last year, there wasn't a lot of teaching, it was more of review and fun. Is that what my child will be doing this year?
 A: No, this year your child will be taught new concepts at their grade level. Subjects will include reading, writing, language, math, social studies, and science. Lessons will be modified to be taught online and using the grade-level curriculum, standards, and materials. Textbooks, workbooks, and teacher-created materials will be used online and traditional paper/pencil.
 Q: I viewed the Clovis Unified Town Hall for parents a couple of weeks ago and the proposed schedule showed three 90 minute learning blocks for students per day in grades 1st-6th and two 90 minute learning blocks in TK-Kindergarten. Is my child really going to be listening/watching their teacher for 90 minutes at a time on the computer?
 A: Just like with traditional teaching, no elementary teacher lectures for 90 minutes straight. Teachers will break up those 90-minute blocks by lecturing, modeling, viewing videos, giving independent practice, partner work, small group work, and break out groups so students are engaged and learning. Scheduled Zoom sessions will be available during each instructional block. Students can work paper/pencil while the teacher checks in, or the student can ask a question just like a traditional classroom.
 Q: How will my child get their textbooks and workbooks?
 A: We have scheduled pick-up times on either Monday or Tuesday during the first week of school.   Times are scheduled based upon student last names.  Please make sure that students are accompanied by a parent, and are 
wearing masks, staying socially distant, and limiting your time on campus.  If an alternate time is needed, please contact your student’s teacher.

Last Name








Make up time


Q: When and how will I pick up my child's CUSD laptop and/or Hot Spot that I requested when I did my Annual Information Update? 
 A: During the first week of school, teachers will check out technology during the same scheduled pickup time that textbooks and materials are handed out 

Q: How are parents going find out what to expect for this school year and how to prepare for it?
A: Join Mr. Bolls on Thursday, August 13th for an online Parent Orientation. In this recorded video, he will answer questions and review plans for the school year. The video link will be emailed and will be available on the Jefferson website. https://jefferson.cusd.com/
 Q: When will Back to School Night be?

Teachers will hold virtual Back to School Nights for parents on Thursday, August 20th.
 Q: We are new to Jefferson. This is all new to me and a bit overwhelming. Do you have help for new parents?
A: Please view the Parent Orientation video next week. Mrs. Athwal will be reaching out to all new parents to Jefferson to answer additional questions and concerns. She will also be available throughout the year for new parents. Please check out our website, our App, Facebook, and Instagram pages. 




 Q: I feel that my child is behind academically, emotionally, and/or socially. I'm worried they are going to struggle this year. What is Jefferson going to do to address this?
 A: We know many students will be behind and will struggle. We are worried too. Teachers will assess and address these concerns and struggles. 
Classroom teachers, along with instructional assistants, Student Relations Liaisons, and other support staff will work together to meet the needs of our students by providing small group instruction to fill in holes and reteach concepts that students are struggling with. Administration and Teachers will monitor student data to determine students who need additional intervention.  The Positivity Project along with other lessons will be used to address emotional and social concerns. School spirit weeks will be continued to give students a sense of normalcy and have some fun. 




 Q: My child receives Special Education services. I have questions about their IEP and services?
 A: Your child's teacher or case manager will be reaching out. To discuss plans and answer your questions. They will discuss how accommodations, IEPs, and minutes will work in this online format.
 Q: How are we going to get this to all work?
 A: We got this. You got this. Your kids will get this. There will be challenges, but we will adjust and readjust until we meet the needs of students and the community. We can't do this in isolation, we need your help and support. Be active, communicate with us, attend our virtual meetings, and most importantly check in with your child daily to see how this is all going. Our motto this year is "Game On!" With communication and a team approach we will get through this together. We got this!
 Q: I still have more questions, like lots of questions! Seriously, I have a list.

 A: This is just a start. You will see an increase in emails and texts with information. The website is being updated and the Clovis Unified App is available for download. We're on Instagram and Facebook (Jefferson Blue Jays). Once school starts, Parent Connect (grades, attendance, etc.) will be available and the weekly Blue Jay Bulletin will be emailed to parents.

Q: I still have textbooks, library books, and/or uniforms at home. What should I do it them?

Our office is open! Please stop by and drop it off as soon as possible so we can prepare them to be redistributed. 

 Andrew Bolls
 PrincipalParentl Back to School 2020 Q&A.pdf

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